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Green Eyed Monster


Susan Sheehan at Flaming Hot posed this question:

Do You Want To Be Me?  What is so cool about you people are envious?

Wow what a tough question!

I’ve been fortunate enough to have done some cool things like be in a couple of commercials in my hometown or my love of public speaking….many people are fearful of speaking in public, but I love it.  I don’t think as a beadmaker, most people would not be envious of my ability, since my work is pretty basic stuff.  Be that as it may, I do have high standards for the quality of my work and if I’m not satisfied with it, then into the flower bed it goes!  I’m pretty fortunate that I’ve been able to make beads for the past five years and stay home with my kids.  Not everyone has that opportunity and now that I’m back to work as the assistant librarian for two different elementary schools, I’m still pretty lucky because it is a job I adore (in addition to bead making of course)

It goes without saying that my dear, sweet, smart, sexy husband and my little boys are pretty awesome too!  If I weren’t me, I’d be pretty darned jealous of myself!


Don’t call me baby…


I cannot believe that I am the mom of an eight year old and a five year old.  When did they get to be so big.

My five year old informed me that I was not to call him “baby” any longer.  His reasoning was that if he was old enough to start kindergarten in the fall then he must be medium and not little.  Preschoolers were little. Preschoolers were babies and he is not a baby!  Never you mind that he was in preschool until LAST MONTH….nope he wasn’t a big kid like his brother and he wasn’t a baby!  Therefore he must be medium!

Pretty darned good reasoning, don’t you think?

Cats…..why do they think they are superior to us?


george1.jpgSo, I’m a cat person! I’m the first to admit that I don’t really *get* dogs…they confuse me with their constant approval seeking and well all that barking. So, we have cats. Two cats in fact, Fern and George. Fern was a dumpster kitty that came to us when we lived in St. Louis and George came to me when I lived in Indiana. Before, I go further I must say that George is a girl and no, it isn’t Georgina and yes, I knew she was girl before she was named George.

I honestly believe there couldn’t be two more dissimilar pets than these two. Life with Fern and George is like living with a tortoiseshell dust mop and the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Toons! George’s favorite pastimes alternate between seeing how many hairballs she can vomit on the middle of my bed in a week and secretly surfing the internet when no one is looking as she loves to sit on the computer keyboard. I’m sure she is just working on entering my Visa number into Amazon.com so to buy cat trees and a self flushing litter box!

Fern on the other hand would be nearly invisible except for one very obvious trait. Fern is fat. Very fat in fact. It sounds like the kids are dropping 12lb bowling balls from the top of the refrigerator when she jumps off the couch! She is not only large, she likes to be held and carried about the house. You cannot sit on the couch without Fern sprawling on top of your chest and wrapping both paws around your neck while headbutting you in the forehead….just in case you missed her wanting your attention! You. Pet. Me. Now. is exactly what she is thinking!

So back to my original question…why do they think they are superior to us and walk about in that somewhat disdainful way most of the time? Well, why not…..we feed them, we brush them, we scoop their litter boxes and the last time I checked…no one wanted to flush the toilet for me! I think they may be on to something there…….

The flu or do they sell handsanitizer in vats the size of a bathtub?


So I was thinking how lucky our family has been this year! Usually we are sick from the moment school starts until summer break, 9 months later. In the past two years, various members of the family (mostly me) have had the had the following:

  • chicken pox (I don’t even want to talk about how much I enjoyed this…not really)
  • pneumonia (which was a fun four day vacation in the smallest hospital ever for me)
  • fifth disease (painful)
  • hand, foot and mouth disease
  • a nasty rotovirus (twice) (yet another delightful trip to the er)
  • strep (twice)
  • bronchitis
  • sinusitis
  • ear infection
  • weird jaw thing (Little A talked so much he sprained his jaw)
  • GERD
  • sprained chest wall
  • sudden onset highly allergic reaction to NSAIDS (I hope I don’t have a headache)

I had even begun to contemplate last year how I could create some sort of germ barrier involving a tray of lysol at every entrance like some level 4 biohazard decontamination booth!

So really I felt very fortunate that other than James, the rest of us had barely had a sniffle all winter…until Monday. Monday was a sad and bleak day as Gabe hopped off the bus and said he didn’t feel so good. Now, I’ve been trapped in the house with 1 sick kid and another that can’t understand that if Gabe is sick we are all stuck at home.

So, we’ve painted, read stories, watched movies, sang songs, danced, cooked, napped and I’m just wrung out! I’m out of ideas to keep them entertained and happy while retaining my sanity and good humor! I swear I will never ever again take for granted our good fortune of health! I’ve learned my lesson! I’m knocking on wood. I’m finding my lucky 4-leaf clover and I’m buying a bathtub sized vat of hand sanitizer the next time I’m out in that germ filled world.

Bloggity Blog Blog!


sparkler-thumb.jpgToday, a question was posed on a forum that I frequent as to why we blog when there are so many (in the eyes of the person posing the question) better things one could do with their time than reading or writing a blog. While the way the question was phrased seriously bothered me, I did stop and think about why I write a blog and why I read several blogs with some regularity, so maybe that was the lesson I was supposed to take from just what seemed to be an irritating question.

First, I write a blog because I enjoy putting my thoughts down on albeit electronic paper. There is something that makes a goal more worth striving for, if you can see it in print rather than just in your head. It makes those successes more real if you can look back and see the struggle to get there and the final achievement and feel the exhilaration of finally attaining your goal! Hopefully the folks that my chance upon my blog will take something from my experiences and writings and be able to relate or be amused or know they are not alone in the world in their successes and failures…that we all have them!

Second, I write a blog because it helps me be a better writer, which in turn helps me be more creative and that ultimately helps me be a better beadmaker. Sometimes, if we unlock one area of creativity, it can help unlock others areas. That is what writing does for me. It helps me be a better lampworker, dreamer, thinker, mom, wife, friend, daugher and woman even if I’m just writing about how I have nothing to write about!

Third, I write a blog because it can just be plain fun! Just like some people get their kicks hang gliding or rebuilding their lawnmower, I write because it amuses me!

Some blogs I frequent with some regularity are: Dooce, because darn it, if you have kids, pets and husbands, you can relate!!!! Other favorites are, Wickedly Chic, because once upon a time I was pretty stylish in the pre-kid days and my beady babes over at Flaming Hot. Check them out and be sure to send me some of your fave blogs, because everyone has a story to tell!

Okay, so I still don’t like to dip mandrels……


deepest-rose-bloomkin-with.jpgToday on Flaming Hot the question was posed, “What are the little ways you enjoy glass and the business you run?”

Not because these are the “cool and exciting” parts of my work…definately not, but I find the photography or the graphic design in marketing my work the most difficult and challenging. I love it when I “get it right” and my beads look as good on the computer monitor as they do in my hand!

cobalt-bloomkin-with-blue-center.jpgCall me crazy, but I also love packaging orders. I’ve experimented with many many different ways to package my beads and have (for the moment) found a simple economical, yet festive way to package most pieces that my customers enjoy! I want them to feel like it is Christmas morning when a package arrives. I want my customers to know that I’ve taken the time to wrap their beads specially and hopefully some colorful ribbons and a bright thank you note brings a smile to their faces as they open their padded envelopes!

There are many many “big ways” that glass and my business bring me happiness and freedom, but sometimes when life gets too chaotic and I’m feeling overwhelmed and flighty, it is the little things that keep me grounded!

(Okay, so I still might not dipping mandrels…..)