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My Mama Came to Visit, but She Didn’t Ever Leave


So, my mom is here for the winter.

I should win an award for Best Daughter Evah!

I shouldn’t feel guilty for not being:

1. smarter

2. neater

3. more of a go getter

4. a better mom

5. a better wife

6. a better cook

7. a better housekeeper

8. a better driver

9. a better cook

10. a better person

I love my mother dearly, but we are like oil and water, like Felix and Oscar, like night and day!

She loves all things traditional.  McDonalds, spaghetti from a box, frozen pizza, Walmart, American made cars

I and the rest of my family loves, Chinese food, meatless days,  salad with free range chicken, recycling, Target and Hyundai.

For God’s sake, I keep over 1000 earthworms in the laundry room to eat all of our vegetable waste.

My mom’s idea of a veg is mashed potatoes with butter  and cream cheese EVERY NIGHT!

I think I am need to find a good therapist because the day we return to work/school is very far away!


Apathy or Just Chaos???


So my beady friends and anyone else who may have stumbled across my blog,

I must apologize!  I must apologize with all sincerity for the fact that I haven’t posted here in months!  Now, I know that some blogs that you read just drift away…a post here, a post there like a stream that is slowly running dry.  I know I’ve read those blogs, thinking “today there might just be an update!”   Only to be dissapointed until one day you realize that the author must have grown tired of writing and become lazy or apathetic regarding their blog.

I can assure you that is not the case here!  In my case it has been CHAOS that has reared its ugly head.  Let me find the definintion…here we go defines chaos as:

A state of utter confusion or disorder;  a total lack of confusion or order.

Yup, that pretty much sums it up!  Since I last blogged in the fall..the following things have happened:

  • I went back to work
  • I lost my father to cancer
  • I had strep throat
  • My kids had strep throat
  • My mom came to stay with us for the winter (trust me this was enough chaos for a lifetime!)
  • My mom’s large dog came to stay with us for the winter
  • My mom went home from her 2 month visit
  • Her dog did not (the gift that keeps on giving…large clumps of fur and suspiciously greener spots in my yard!)
  • I had strep throat
  • My kids had strep throat
  • Cub Scouts
  • PTA
  • Church
  • oh my I almost forgot….my bead business and all it entails
  • and finally a little more strep throat.

So,  in all of the chaos and disorder in my house this past 6 months, my blog, despite my best efforts did not get updated.  Dear readers, I promise to do better!   I have to because gosh, I’ve had way too much funny stuff happen this year that I really must share!