Monthly Archives: July 2012

LOL..throw it away!


My friend Stacy, was talking on her blog about her emotional attachment to her “things”.  I wasn’t born with that gene.  I hired a dumpster last spring to make the *stuff* go away and was really heartbroken when it wasnt filled to overflowing when it got towed away!  I have my messy zones…the junk drawer from hell and surrounding landing space of a countertop.  As long as I can keep the mess there then I’m sorta okay!  I am the girl who, when my mom was living with us, labeled every closet shelf and dresser about what should go in each!   I must say though since I went back to work and back to school and do cub scouts, boy scouts, taekwondo and climbing team my boundaries have been a little more relaxed, but I know I had to run the dishwasher, bleach the toilet, scrub the bathroom sink, take out the trash, vacuum and mop the floors before she came over today!  Not that she would judge, but my freaky OCD kicked in..”MUSTHAVECANDLEBURNINGINBATHROOMDONTGOINGABESROOMHESA TEENAGERCLOSETHEFREAKINGDOOR” and I felt guilty that I didnt scoop the catbox.  Stacy would laugh because I’m like attachment to clothes…I have none!  Shoes are another story, but I culled the shoe stash because of my foot surgery to things I can wear and things I might reasonably wear in the future, but things that have no hope because they never fit went to a better place. I guess we all have our emotional hot spots…mine are places!  Bloomington Indiana, Colorado, my parents farm…but the stuff has to go!