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Wow…I’m wordy tonight!


So, this has nothing to do with my previous post, but I’m interested in your input!  The other day, I was shopping at my local big box store when I came across a couple dressed appropriately for ohhhh, 1880 or so.  Amused, I took an anonymous picture of these two and posted it on my Facebook page.  What I didn’t expect was to be called a bully and mean and several other choice words by other FB members.  I was amused that was all.

So, my question is, as it came up by several people who don’t necessarily fit the social norm as far as how they dress etc…If you choose to look so far out of the societal norm, is it wrong for other people to be taken aback, to stop and stare or whatnot.  My belief is that if you decide to wear dessert plates in your ears or have rainbow colored hair or devil horns implanted in your forehead, you are asking for attention.  Good bad or otherwise, and if you choose to express yourself like that, then don’t be offended when people stop and stare.

I, for one, am a little quirky.  I have piercings, a tattoo, had pink hair last summer and regularly go to the grocery store in my TKD uniform, where I’m sure people question my fashion choices and I’m okay with that!  You can even take my picture and I’ll 360 back kick your cousin Bubba (after he has signed a waiver) for your YouTube video if you really want because it’s not often you run into a 40 something librarian with multiple piercings, tattoo and interesting hair wearing a taekwondo uniform at the Price Chopper!


I think the spell has been broken….


I’ve been busy!  I mean really really busy!  I went back to work 4 years ago and then decided to get my Master’s Degree in Library Science while also pursuing my taekwondo black belt and shepherding my little group of cub scouts.  Needless to say, my schedule has not allowed time for lampworking…my love!


It’s summer now and I finally have gotten past some blocks that have also dampened my spirit in the creative field and it’s like riding a bike, but one with training wheels.  I feel like I have lost my chops.  Things that were so easy 4 years ago are hard….remembering different techniques is somewhat slow going, but it is going.  The kiln has been fired up several days in a row.  Even though tonight was a failure in my eyes because I’m used to making beads to make money, not necessarily for the joy of it, I took some joy from my failure and am working to get over my idea that everything I make needs to be sell able.  We don’t have to depend on my lampworking for the extra income, so now I have the chance to push myself more creatively and I think that is just what I need!