Springtime in Blue Springs


So a little bit about my adopted city…it isn’t blue and there are no springs.  Well there is that weird sculpture by the interstate that is supposed to represent “blue springs”, but I digress….

One of the wonderful things about where I live are the parks and outdoor activities that are available.  We have a wonderful bike trails, a new lake with hiking trails that is about a 5 minute walk from my home, parks galore!  The parks and rec department really does a stellar job at providing opportunities for children and adults alike to experience new sports and activities!  It is also a 20 minute drive from downtown Kansas City when I need to get out of the suburbs and visit an art museum or the river market.  The best of both worlds really!

The downside of this great place to live…the trees.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not like the Onceler.  I love trees.  They give us shade and clean our air.  Wonderfully majestic things…the trees.  However, my nose feels differently about the trees this time of year!  All at once every tree sprung forth with beautiful flowers and leaves and one day I could breathe and now I cannot.


Nice isn’t it?  Pollen galore…mulberry pollen to be specific…what am I allergic to?  Why, yes among many other types of trees, but mulberry happens to be one of the worst!

Achoo!  Now could someone pass the tissues????


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