Scout Camp…it’s not for the faint of heart!


I’m sure that I must have been somehow impaired when I thought it would be fun to go to Cub Scout day camp with my two boys and 7 other scouts from our pack.  I’m not sure where the wires went crossed, or I drove that bus off in the ditch, but I managed to not only volunteer myself for 5 days, but also my DH.  Fortunately for him, work has prevailed and I’ve been on my own with 2 other parents.  While they are nice and are doing a good job of keeping the kiddos in line, what I was not prepared for was the OTHER people at camp.  Our kids are fairly well behaved, polite, well mannered kids!  Some are not and the real kicker is the other leaders, leaders who are responsible and in charge of these kids do not correct or instruct their charges in any way whatsoever.  For example, today I helped about 20 kids tie-dye t-shirts, I read the story of William Tell to 24 other kids, I played kickball with 30 kids, helped fold the US flag with another 15 and called home for one child who needed Mom to bring a fresh change of clothes.

Now remember…I and two other people are in charge of 9 children.  Where may you ask are the other pack leaders?  Why, they are sitting in their fold out chairs under sun umbrellas while complaining about the heat!  I’ll tell you about the heat….I stood in the middle of a kickball field for over an hour cheering on YOUR kids!  In 90 degree heat at NOON!  That, I tell you is HOT!  Just like the temperature under my collar!


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