Monthly Archives: December 2009

My Mama Came to Visit, but She Didn’t Ever Leave


So, my mom is here for the winter.

I should win an award for Best Daughter Evah!

I shouldn’t feel guilty for not being:

1. smarter

2. neater

3. more of a go getter

4. a better mom

5. a better wife

6. a better cook

7. a better housekeeper

8. a better driver

9. a better cook

10. a better person

I love my mother dearly, but we are like oil and water, like Felix and Oscar, like night and day!

She loves all things traditional.  McDonalds, spaghetti from a box, frozen pizza, Walmart, American made cars

I and the rest of my family loves, Chinese food, meatless days,  salad with free range chicken, recycling, Target and Hyundai.

For God’s sake, I keep over 1000 earthworms in the laundry room to eat all of our vegetable waste.

My mom’s idea of a veg is mashed potatoes with butter  and cream cheese EVERY NIGHT!

I think I am need to find a good therapist because the day we return to work/school is very far away!