Monthly Archives: July 2009

Crunchy Granola or Just Crunchy?


Okay okay, I know I’ve been a slacker, but seriously I’ve had a lot on my plate!  Now that summer school has ended and the regular school year has yet to start, I thought it the perfect time to once again strive for better health,  and a more efficient, less wasteful, more green household!

Now, this is an ongoing goal of mine…ever since I was nine and discovered both Little House on the Prairie and swiped my mom’s copy of Practical Homesteading, I have envisioned myself as a crunchy granola earth mama who makes her own soap, grows all of the family vegetables in her wonderfully fruitful and organic garden, while conserving water, raising chickens and baking all of the family bread in a solar oven.  That’s about where my organic daydream ends.  In reality, this is my garden:


Not so productive is it?  Here is my soap:


Okay fine, it ‘s not handmade, but I did have to drive all the way to the health food store to buy it.  I guess on second thought that wasn’t very environmentally friendly now was it?  Here is my organic chicken:


Wow, I’m really off base aren’t I?  He may not be a chicken, but he is quite kind and friendly, that should count for something!

I won’t even go into the times I’ve been determined to bake my own bread only to wind up baking something more suitable for building a barn or hut in the backyard.  I probably shouldn’t mention how just this morning, I couldn’t locate a funk in my kitchen only to find on deeper inspection that I had forgotten about the sprouts I was sprouting in the cabinet.  Do you know what overcooked broccoli smells like?  Sulfurous and rotten,  well that’s what broccoli sprouts smell like after you have forgotten them for 3 or 4 days.  Mmmmmmm tasty!  I suppose I shouldn’t really discuss last night’s dinner of baked teriyaki tofu with cauliflower rice and steamed veggies.  My children ran screaming from the table and even the cat hmmmmphed at me in disgust!

Some days I think it is all for naught, but then my new issue of Mother Earth News arrives in the mail and I settle down to read it with a glass of sun tea with agave juice in my hand it all is well and good in the world again!