Monthly Archives: June 2008

Don’t call me baby…


I cannot believe that I am the mom of an eight year old and a five year old.  When did they get to be so big.

My five year old informed me that I was not to call him “baby” any longer.  His reasoning was that if he was old enough to start kindergarten in the fall then he must be medium and not little.  Preschoolers were little. Preschoolers were babies and he is not a baby!  Never you mind that he was in preschool until LAST MONTH….nope he wasn’t a big kid like his brother and he wasn’t a baby!  Therefore he must be medium!

Pretty darned good reasoning, don’t you think?


Have you ever????


Have you ever done something so ridiculously stupid, that you look back and think how in the hell do I manage to get through each day!  Somehow, some way….I managed to erase all of my bookmarks from Firefox.  Then I cried….cried for days over the long lost links that my brain had tucked away in the depths of it’s giant unorganized filing cabinet of useless crap!

Yes, that included the link to get into my wordpress account.  So, that’s where I’ve been, but here’s where I’m back and hopefully this week we can get reacquainted and I can show off my new nose piercing and all the other good stuff swirling around this crazy household!