Spam and Not From a Can!


I have a little vent here…it’s spam!  No, not the kind that jiggles on a plate as a gelatinous  shrine to  unidentifiable pork bits, but the kind that glogs up my inbox and gets my email account blocked from my service provider.  Seriously folks….I don’t need cheap meds, a penis enlargement or nude photos of Britney!  I am not stupid enough to click that link for a reeel cheep Rolex!  I just need my email to work efficiently and to blast the spammers out of their desk chairs with a cannon barrage of flaming email of which they have never seen the likes!  Am I a bit irritated!  You betcha!


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  1. Wouldn’t it be great if someone could just link an old-fashioned Rolodex to a PC ?
    Surely that wouldn’t be too hard.
    I put in a spam =blocker but still some gets through
    Keith at

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