To quote dictionary.com the meaning of the word lest is:

1. for fear that; so that (one) should not (used negatively to introduce a clause expressive of an action or occurrence requiring caution): He kept his notes by his side lest faulty memory lead him astray.
2. that (used after words expressing fear, danger, etc.): There was danger lest the plan become known.

Unless of course you are a lampworker with nothing to fear, but the siren’s song of the water bucket. Then lest means Lampwork Etc Street Team. A street team is a group of like minded artists sharing promotion, sales, and business ideas on the online sales site Etsy.

You can find works by the LEST group by plugging in LEST in your search bar on Etsy and we will be having a team sale running April 1-7. Check it out!


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