Oh Snap!!!!


Snapshots, pictures, photographs….I never realized what goes into marketing and selling items that your customer can’t pick up and fondle, caress or lick! That is until I started selling my work online and my oh my what a learning experience that has been!

I started out photographing my beads with a hand-me-down camera from my MIL (thank you Cookie), but it had no macro setting. Getting a decent pic was pretty difficult.  I researched and read and stalked the dpreview site for all the talk about the digital revolution. I haunted the Ritz photo sales guys and all those kids working at Best Buy, trying to find just the right camera for my and my budget!

41yr33m6a3l_aa280_.jpgI finally had made my decision and went and ordered the Olympus Camedia C-60 Zoom with super macro! My baby, my pride and joy, my beloved Oly with the lithium rechargeable battery and 6.1 mega-pixels of love! I drove my childrend through the cold December in an overheating van 45 miles to get my little darling! It was love…..an unrequited love though as the Oly didn’t love me!

light-tent.jpgI read some more! I built a cumbersome lightbox with pvc pipes and white foam core…this proved to be too cumbersome (read, I kept knocking it over and it would take me an hour to set it back up). So then I found a cheap light tent on Ebay, I got a copy of Photoshop Elements 2.0. I took pictures outside, inside, on white, on gray, on slate, on glass…until that fateful day that Gabe started kindergarten.

On that beautiful autumn morning, my darling child #2 grabbed my 8.2 ounces of cinematic sweetness and chucked it across the room! I truly believe he was trying to give me the thing to take a picture of his brother heading off to the school bus for the first time, but instead my C-60 was dead.

Dead, so very dead that it had to go back to Olympus for a 2 month and over 200 buck restoration. So the hunt was on again and this time with seriously limted funds as I had a huge repair bill for my baby as well as the need for a new snapper. After all it is pretty darned difficult to sell stuff online with no photos…..I guess I could sketch them, but I don’t think my customers would get an accurate representation of my work!

41j6dk6n2kl_aa280_.jpgSo, I went with a less expensive model of Olympus…the D525 Zoom, which has served me well as the original camera came back to me and after about 4 months of clicking away, it began to eat memory cards for no apparent reason. My beloved Oly C-60 had betrayed me once again and now the love has gone completely!

Fortunately for me, the cheaper Olympus does its job and does it fairly well as I take tons of pictures and then spend hours editing, reviewing, color balancing and cropping before my work is ever seen online, but sadly I’m not as attached to it as I was the D525. Maybe, the next camera and I will have a cosmic connection…maybe a Canon this time around or a Fuji….I”ll know the right one when I see it!


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  1. Gosh you had a hard time with your Olympus.
    Hope you claimed on your household insurance !
    You might like my website on taking photos for eBay. Bu I see you have a light tent already !
    Lovely Jewelry you mkae !

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