It’s all for you baby!


It has come to my sad realization with James being out of town this past week, that I am complete chaos. Uncontrolled chaos and disorganization. Since I am the stay at home parent in this family, most of the home type stuff falls to me…the shopping, the cooking, the cleaning. Dare I say it, the “womans work”! In the past three days though, I have not cooked one meal, washed a dish, folded any clothes…hell, the wet towels have left a funk in the laundry hamper and I’m pretty darned pleased that they even made it to the hamper and aren’t still on the bathroom floor! What is on the floor is enough cat fur to make a not very pc winter coat and a McDonalds Egg McMuffin wrapper. I realized that if left to my own devices long enough, I might be one of those people with dirty dishes and crap piled neck high that are featured on How Clean is Your House? even though I’m loathe to admit it!

So, I suppose it is a good thing that James will be home tonight and I’ll be spending the afternoon putting the shine on since I would hate for him to come home to a messy house, no food and the dreaded funk in the laundry hamper since he pays for it all without complaint. I guess the least I could do is the dishes!


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