His Name is Sven….


Sven the GnomeSo, I’m not really the sentimental type. I don’t hang onto ticket stubs and or press flowers from my husband in the phone book. Heck, my poor kids still don’t have filled out baby books and they are 5 and 8! I don’t really do collections of stuff like my 8 year old who has a penchant for Pez Dispensers and pocketknives. I’m the only beadmaker I know that doesn’t even collect beads!

However, I do have a secret love. I love gnomes! Yes, garden gnomes….gnomes like the Travelocity Roaming Gnome. You know, the ones with the red cone hats and long beards! Gnomes and I go way back…back to 4th grade when gnomes were all the rage. I have long since lost my Gnomes book (although, I think I need to find a new copy as my bookshelf is not complete without it) and the decorations in my Gnomes Christmas Crafts book are about as out of date as duck stencils and faux rustic ladder back kitchen chairs. Still, I pore over it every year, thinking this will be the year I hide an almond in the porridge or I carve my own gnome crossing sign with my trusty x-acto knife while baking a yule log!

My secret was safe though until this past fall. I gleefully exclaimed how I loved gnomes while looking at a garden catalog. Unbeknownst to me, my mother-in-law was taking copious mental notes for her Christmas gift giving. While I love my husband, I must admit, I have another love…..his name is Sven and he is my gnome! Sven is a gnome of the garden/house variety. He protects us as a family and takes care of the kitties when we are not at home (mainly he referees) . When the weather warms up, he will go live in the flower beds and enjoy the sunshine, but for now he is casting a watchful eye over the living room to keep us safe and secure.


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