Cats…..why do they think they are superior to us?


george1.jpgSo, I’m a cat person! I’m the first to admit that I don’t really *get* dogs…they confuse me with their constant approval seeking and well all that barking. So, we have cats. Two cats in fact, Fern and George. Fern was a dumpster kitty that came to us when we lived in St. Louis and George came to me when I lived in Indiana. Before, I go further I must say that George is a girl and no, it isn’t Georgina and yes, I knew she was girl before she was named George.

I honestly believe there couldn’t be two more dissimilar pets than these two. Life with Fern and George is like living with a tortoiseshell dust mop and the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Toons! George’s favorite pastimes alternate between seeing how many hairballs she can vomit on the middle of my bed in a week and secretly surfing the internet when no one is looking as she loves to sit on the computer keyboard. I’m sure she is just working on entering my Visa number into so to buy cat trees and a self flushing litter box!

Fern on the other hand would be nearly invisible except for one very obvious trait. Fern is fat. Very fat in fact. It sounds like the kids are dropping 12lb bowling balls from the top of the refrigerator when she jumps off the couch! She is not only large, she likes to be held and carried about the house. You cannot sit on the couch without Fern sprawling on top of your chest and wrapping both paws around your neck while headbutting you in the forehead….just in case you missed her wanting your attention! You. Pet. Me. Now. is exactly what she is thinking!

So back to my original question…why do they think they are superior to us and walk about in that somewhat disdainful way most of the time? Well, why not…..we feed them, we brush them, we scoop their litter boxes and the last time I checked…no one wanted to flush the toilet for me! I think they may be on to something there…….


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  1. Cats are so aesthetically pleasing. It’s like living with a beautiful moving sculpture. Most dogs don’t have that level of gorgeousness. Cats have superior tactile qualities, too. I think my cat Musette feels like softened butter wrapped in cobwebs.

  2. I swear cats possess the spirits of deceased humans. My cat Pepper is the Queen B (rhymes with witch.) She’s graceful and regal, yet she’s fat as a cow. I love that my cat is so independent yet she can be the biggest baby sometimes.

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