Promo, promo or the fine art of bragging!!!


This week’s question posed on Flaming Hot is how do you promote yourself and your work?

I must admit that this has been one of the most difficult parts of running my own business. First, I have had a hard time not being humble (to the point of detrimental) about my work, so to talk up my work was an exercise in sheer torture for several years. Finally, I’m to a place of acceptance and dare, I say it pride in my work. I may not be the most inventive beadmaker…I may not be on the cutting edge of glasswork, but I put out a quality product that I’m proud to call my own!

So in promoting, I have done several things lately that I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing a couple of years ago. I post in several forums frequently, including Lampwork Etc., the Etsy forums, Indie Public and Posh Mama. I also am part of the KC Etsy Street Team and post pics of my work on Flickr . I’ve been part of an advertising collective which has put out quite a few ads in Bead and Button and Step by Step Beads that have garnered quite a bit of traffic. I’m also part of an online juried promotion site called Trunkt that is marketed toward the boutique industry. All that in addition to my regular website and now this blog, both of which I am now selling advertising space on through Project Wonderful, which I also advertise through on craft sites, though not necessarily bead sites.

I have found diversity in promoting my work has helped immensely. It is easy to reach other bead people, by sheer interest, but it has been much more helpful and profitable to look further and target a more diverse audience that is interested in buying locally or handmade.


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  1. Hey there!
    I think it’s hard to promote myself, too, and I even consider myself an extrovert.
    I take great comfort in the idea that it will get easier!

    Perhaps I’ll see you soon at a KC etsy meeting!
    Sylvia C.

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