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sparkler-thumb.jpgToday, a question was posed on a forum that I frequent as to why we blog when there are so many (in the eyes of the person posing the question) better things one could do with their time than reading or writing a blog. While the way the question was phrased seriously bothered me, I did stop and think about why I write a blog and why I read several blogs with some regularity, so maybe that was the lesson I was supposed to take from just what seemed to be an irritating question.

First, I write a blog because I enjoy putting my thoughts down on albeit electronic paper. There is something that makes a goal more worth striving for, if you can see it in print rather than just in your head. It makes those successes more real if you can look back and see the struggle to get there and the final achievement and feel the exhilaration of finally attaining your goal! Hopefully the folks that my chance upon my blog will take something from my experiences and writings and be able to relate or be amused or know they are not alone in the world in their successes and failures…that we all have them!

Second, I write a blog because it helps me be a better writer, which in turn helps me be more creative and that ultimately helps me be a better beadmaker. Sometimes, if we unlock one area of creativity, it can help unlock others areas. That is what writing does for me. It helps me be a better lampworker, dreamer, thinker, mom, wife, friend, daugher and woman even if I’m just writing about how I have nothing to write about!

Third, I write a blog because it can just be plain fun! Just like some people get their kicks hang gliding or rebuilding their lawnmower, I write because it amuses me!

Some blogs I frequent with some regularity are: Dooce, because darn it, if you have kids, pets and husbands, you can relate!!!! Other favorites are, Wickedly Chic, because once upon a time I was pretty stylish in the pre-kid days and my beady babes over at Flaming Hot. Check them out and be sure to send me some of your fave blogs, because everyone has a story to tell!


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  1. some people just may not be LITERATE, let alone “edjamakated” so maybe they dispise blogs because of that! LOL

    Anyway, better yet, I’m GLAD you blog, because your blogging inspires me to blog, which makes me more creative, which makes me a better person, somehow….

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