You fall asleep and think you are dreaming. But really, you have just traveled through time forward 5 years. What does your glass world look like? Blog it!

That was the latest question posed on Flaming Hot by Susan Sheehan and it started me thinking about not only where I wanted to be artistically in five years, but where I was five years ago and how my glass world has changed!

In looking back five years, I had a brand new baby and was searching searching searching for some kind of creative outlet. I had discovered Ebay and was completely enthralled at the fact anyone could sell just about anything online! With that I had started making and selling beaded ID holders, but wasn’t happy with the beads I was finding locally and somehow I stumbled across a lampwork bead listing on Ebay and from there I was completely hooked! I spent days and days researching lampworking online through WetCanvas and then articles in Bead and Button and Lapidary Journal. Finally, months and months after I had first run across our unique art form, I informed my dear sweet kind husband that I needed part of the garage as I was going to set up a torch and play with glass and fire!

Those first beads were pretty sad and wonky! In fact, they looked like little chewed up lumps of used gum or something you might scrape off the bottom of your shoe, but I didn’t give up, but kept reading, learning, practicing and persevering! That is what I am still doing today and in five years I can almost bet I will still be trying to grow and learn as an artist. My hope is to work bigger, to gain more technical ability that only time can give a person, and to find a more consistent “voice” in my glass work. In five years though I am sure that I still will love working with glass as passionately as I dreamed about glass five years ago!


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