Okay, so I still don’t like to dip mandrels……


deepest-rose-bloomkin-with.jpgToday on Flaming Hot the question was posed, “What are the little ways you enjoy glass and the business you run?”

Not because these are the “cool and exciting” parts of my work…definately not, but I find the photography or the graphic design in marketing my work the most difficult and challenging. I love it when I “get it right” and my beads look as good on the computer monitor as they do in my hand!

cobalt-bloomkin-with-blue-center.jpgCall me crazy, but I also love packaging orders. I’ve experimented with many many different ways to package my beads and have (for the moment) found a simple economical, yet festive way to package most pieces that my customers enjoy! I want them to feel like it is Christmas morning when a package arrives. I want my customers to know that I’ve taken the time to wrap their beads specially and hopefully some colorful ribbons and a bright thank you note brings a smile to their faces as they open their padded envelopes!

There are many many “big ways” that glass and my business bring me happiness and freedom, but sometimes when life gets too chaotic and I’m feeling overwhelmed and flighty, it is the little things that keep me grounded!

(Okay, so I still might not dipping mandrels…..)


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