matte-bloomkin-pendant.jpgHave you ever worked on a project or technique, like decorating a cake or grouting the bathroom tiles and even though you “knew” what you needed to do, the end result was less than stellar!  My Achilles heal in lampworking is loops…loops like on the backs of pendants.  I have read everything I could find on how to make a nice looking loop in soft glass, but for the life of me, I couldn’t make the connection and translate the words on the page into an actual pendant loop for anything.  I simply couldn’t grasp the technique even though it is something I have no problem with in borosilicate!  I had the opportunity this past weekend to watch some awesome glassworkers and something finally clicked in my head!  I finally had my glass epiphany and pendant loops have finally been conquered!

What is the next challenge, vessels, sculptures, really big focals with intricate stringer work?  Who knows, but for now, I’ll keep working on those pendant loops until they are second nature!


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