Attack of the 2nd Graders!!!!


I’m amazed at the things my son’s 2nd grade class are working on each week! Since they have been back from holiday break, his class has divided up into groups and Gabe’s group has been studying different types of art and art forms, such as pottery, installation art, painting and glassblowing! Being the good son that Gabe is, he had to share with his teacher that his mom is an artist. He very clearly told her that his mom was a lampworker which is the glassblowers they have been studying, but only in miniature! Next thing I knew, I was the featured speaker in his class!

Since I couldn’t actually demo beadmaking in the classroom, I created a storyboard with photos of the different steps to making a bead, packed up some tools and my torch without hoses, a handout on beadmaking that I had written and off to school I went and it was the most fun I’ve had in a very long time! The kids were delightful and asked really thoughful questions such as: how did you decide to be a lampworker, where do you find ideas for beads, and do I sell my work at craft shows? To top off the entire presentation, each student received a baggie of beads and were happily showing off and trading their beads with each other just like beads have been used for trade in history!

So, a big thanks to Gabe’s class! I had a great time and I hope they did too!


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