Inside the box!


We all hang on to the familiar. What is your staple glass object you continue to make and why? Blog it!

Russet Bloomkin Ring

One of my goals this year is to challenge myself more and experiment more with my glasswork instead of relying so much on “staple” glass items or staying inside the box of things I am comfortable with. Ironically, in doing so, I have revisited some old favorites that I had set aside and have been focusing on ways to improve them. For me it is my Bloomkin series of beads! What started out 4 years ago as a desire to make a flat flower bead has progressed from a lumpy, lopsided flower-esque bead to a series of adjustable rings and pendants which I love to make when I’m feeling out of inspiration or ideas for other bead sets! They are like wearing a never fading flower garden even on the darkest, coldest, rainiest days!

My other staple is the lentil shaped bead! I love lentils….they are smooth and easy to wear in bracelets or necklaces. Now, I make them much larger than when I began as my favorite size is 1+”. I can always count on a little light turquoise moretti and liberal amount of silver foil and then some fun stringer scrolls or a roll into some brightly colored frit and a squish in the lentil press if I’m feeling uninspired or at a loss for a new idea!


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