Monthly Archives: August 2007

I Can’t Believe the Month is Half Over!!!


I seriously cannot believe that the month is half over already and the kids will be starting school next week!

I haven’t spent much time here on my blog in the past two weeks and that makes me sad! We were in St. Louis and southern Illinois for a week, but more halting is my allergic reaction to who knows what…somehow giant hives and swollen face are not conducive to good beadmaking or writing!

Enough about that! Let’s talk about glass! I need to order supplies and find myself completely overwhelmed by the process of buying glass. In just the past year or so there have been many new glass vendors appear on the scene as well as new types of glass. My favorite at the moment is Creation is Messy or Messy Color. Such smooth and easy to work colors! I love their celedon green. It is so lovely to use as stringers for a copper green look without the fussiness! Even though that color has been around for a year or is still one of my faves!!