Fall is on it’s way!!!


So, it’s a new week and I’ve been thinking a lot about fall. I can’t believe that the kids head back to school in a little over three weeks and soon the leaves will be turning colors and there will be a nip in the air. Fall is one of my favorite times of year though (as is spring…it’s the super hot and super cold I can do without).

Halloween Bloomkins

In the spirit of fall, I did some autumn inspired beads this past week. Here are some pics of my ever-favorite Bloomkin beads in Halloween colors. You can just click that pic to go to the auction on JustBeads.
I love Halloween! It is the one day of the year we can just be…be whoever we want to be….to let out the inner wild child, secret square dancer, hidden diva that is in everyone and you can be really creepy and scary too! So much fun right before All Saint’s Day on November 1, which was historically a day of solemn honoring of those who passed before us.

I personally think it is waaaaay better than the over-rated and over commercialized Christmas season. I think Christmas is so overdone. I mean who really needs a 15 foot forest in the living room covered with sweatshop created lights and garland. All you really need is a little tree and a lot of love! (I sound a little bit like Charlie Brown there). After all isn’t Christmas about the birth of Christ and family…it’s not about Nintendo’s and iPods, sadly that is what it has turned into especially in the last 20 years it seems and that makes it not nearly as enjoyable or maybe it has been that way for years and when I was a kid I just didn’t notice it because I was busy being a kid and coveting Sony Walkman’s and Swatch watches…..hmmmm….that is something to ponder now isn’t it?


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